NarniaMUCK is many things, but here are the highlights:

  • NarniaMUCK is based on the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. We hold C. S. Lewis' writings to be canon and strive to keep gameplay on NarniaMUCK true to them. Creativity is encouraged, but faithfulness to Lewis' depiction of Narnia is prized.
  • NarniaMUCK is a role-playing game. In other words, we place our emphasis on role-play rather than on chatting, social activities and game mechanics. We do a lot of the chatting and being social stuff too, of course, but players are encouraged to focus on playing their characters most of the time.
  • NarniaMUCK is a Christian game. We acknowledge the Christian elements of the books and we expect our players to respect them. Most (but not all) of the members of our staff are Christians.

However, it bears mentioning that there are several things that NarniaMUCK is not:

  • NarniaMUCK is NOT a proselytizing vehicle. NarniaMUCK is a Christian game based on Christian books. A large number of our players are Christians. However, some of players are non-Christians, and to date we've yet to have any non-Christians complain that they've felt pressured, preached-at or discriminated against because of their beliefs. If you have strong anti-Christian beliefs or feelings, be aware that you will not be permitted to be disrespectful of our Christian players, but likewise our Christian players will not be permitted to be disrespectful to you. Civil discussions regarding faith are always encouraged.
  • NarniaMUCK is NOT a Furry MUCK. This isn't to say that we take a violent position against the Furry fandom, because insofar as the Furry fandom is defined as 'fans of animals in literature and art', most of us are Furry fans ourselves. However, Lewis' Talking Beasts are not anthropomorphic; they do talk, they do wear clothing, but in basic form and function they are very much like their real-world counterparts. Furry fans are, of course, welcome on NarniaMUCK, but they should be aware of the differences and be prepared to play 'non-morphic', Narnian characters.
  • NarniaMUCK is NOT a resurrection of the Narnia-themed MUSHes of the 1990s -- Between 1990 and 1995, several Narnia-themed MUSHes (starting with NarniaMUSH, which later spun off Narnia Golden and FreeNarnia) existed and became popular. At the time of NarniaMUCK's inception, many players from these MUSHes assumed we were a reincarnation of these games, when in fact we had never heard of the MUSHes, much less played them. Players from these games are absolutely welcome and encouraged to come and play NarniaMUCK, but be aware that the setup is much different from what you remember on NarniaMUSH.

As of this writing, NarniaMUCK sustains a loyal usership of over 150 players, playing over 500 characters. As previously noted, it features a fully functioning economy, a combat system, archery, cooking, fishing, healing and magic. All of this has been put into place with careful emphasis on roleplay rather than hack-n-slash gaming. All of the programming is unique to NarniaMUCK, making NarniaMUCK a truly unique experience.