Privacy Policy

None of this information is ever shared with any other organizations or third parties.

Information We Collect
We collect the following information when a new player registers:

  • E-Mail Address

In addition, the IP address you are connecting from is recorded by the game server and when logging into the website or forums, cookies are stored on your computer for that purpose.

We use e-mail addresses to send out newsletters, "we miss you" messages to inactive players, and reminders. Participants in forum discussions may receive notifications of private forum messages and new post notifications.

The IP address is used to associate multiple characters (called alts) with their player, and assist staff in removing misbehaving players from the game.

NarniaMUCK staff will not ask for any other personal information. If someone claiming to be staff asks for any personal information, contact a staff member immediately.

How to Contact the Staff (in the game)

Type the command 'staff' to see which staff members are connected. Type 'page staffername=something you wish to say'. For example: page melody=John just asked me what when my birthday was!

Optionally, you can use p #mail staffername=Something to say to a staffer who is not connected right now, but will be read later.

How to Contact the Staff (outside the game)

The best method is via e-mail: The messages are automatically forwarded to all staff members. You can also contact any individual staff member via e-mail: For instance,