Hunger Fixed!

Well, after two years of only being notified we're hungry when we're a few moments from fainting, and then being deluged with messages such that fainting almost seems preferable to staying awake, I have FINALLY revamped Hunger for what I HOPE is the last time.

There was a time when Hunger behaved itself absolutely. When you were a little hungry, it said so, and it did it politely once every...oh, two or three minutes or so. The hunger messages got more numerous and appropriately more alarming the hungrier you got, and by the time you were close to fainting you were in no doubt as to why.

But that was back in the halcyon days before we adjusted hunger according to species. From that point on, Hunger has struggled with the task of figuring out exactly how hungry each character is and whether the time had to send the appropriate message or not. I've revised that part of the code something like five times now, obviously with limited success. Bah.

Well, I've come at the problem from a completely different direction now. I would explain what I've changed, but it wouldn't make a lot of sense. Bottom line, I have taken notification out of the hands of Hunger.muf entirely, and now a different program handles that part of things.

So far, it seems to be working. You will notice that you're not being notified anywhere NEAR as often as you were before.   That's okay, I think, but do let me know if you feel you're not given enough warning.