New Command: Attrib

Well, it's done! The Attributes program is in, and it seems to be working reasonably well so far. Many thanks to those of you who had to put up with the bulk of the beta-testing this evening. Thanks to you, many badly-colored eyes and hair settings were avoided. Wink

The command itself will probably change after we get everyone set up, but for right now everyone should log on their characters and type 'attrib'. The program will prompt you for your character's age, hair/fur/scale/feather color and eye color. As you go in, please do so recognizing that the purpose here is simply to alert those you encounter with a very general view of what you look like. Therefore, please don't quibble over whether your hair is 'light blonde' or 'dark blonde'. Just pick 'blonde' and use your description to go into more detail.

Centaurs, your choices match horses', but the string says 'hair', so please keep that in mind when selecting your color. Spectres, if you run into issues with messages that say 'hair' instead of 'mist', just page me and I'll correct it. Anyone else, please page #mail me with any errors or other funkiness you run across. We didn't test this very extensively because the program only affects cosmetic props. Therefore, there probably will be some amount of weirdness here and there.