Revisions to the SR Command

I was working on other programming today (namely the editor for weapons), and realized that that it was high time I quit muttering to myself and fix something that's been bugging me for a long time.

The 'SR' command (short for Stats Report) is one I programmed lo, those many seasons ago when all Narnians regardless of species operated on the same hunger, strength and stamina scales. It's scary to think now that such a time could have ever existed, but so it was. As a result, SR lists only a player's current values for these stats, which is only of limited use when you're trying to either diagnose a problem or get an idea of how one character compares with another.

It's also really bugged me that the stats in the top box are all scattered to hither and yon. I hate it when things don't line up right.

Well, let it be an issue no more. SR has been amended so that it now displays Hunger, Stamina and Strength in fraction form, ala 'Current/Max'. The top box information, you'll notice, now lines up and no longer offends my sensitive sense of balance and aesthetics.

Also, much as I once regarded my two-column inventory list with great programmer pride (formatting displays into two columns in MUF is not easy) , I have since become irritated because the list is inevitably abbreviated and it's difficult to see what items are contained in what other items. Thus, I have eschewed the two-column format in favor of a one-column format that is much easier to read and understand.

Hopefully you all will feel as filled with joy as I do when you see the new display. Smile