Practice Swords, Anyone?

I know I promised the Attributes program would be my next big 'Look What I Did!' announcement, but ...well, anyone who has read this entry in my blog knows that expecting me to focus on any one thing for long enough to actually complete it is pretty cavalier.

Nonetheless, sometimes I do act on productive distractions. Such is the case here.

Rumor has it (and I am not being cute here, as I have left the organization and decision-making for this in other staff members' hands/paws) that Anvard will be hosting a combat tournament soon. Many Archenland nobles, therefore, have already begun training in hopes that the rumors are true and that such an event will, in fact, take place. To that end, they once again face the unfortunate prospect of chopping each other to bits with actual swords, something that has had weapons-wielding species begging me to create wooden practice swords for years.

Well, I'm sorry it's taken this long, but I have, in fact, finally given in. You will now find wooden practice swords available in Sted Cair, Madderholt, Andale and Carmichael. We will make them a staple wherever swords are sold, except perhaps for the Mongers, who (being moles and all) are a bit slower on the uptake. I expect to offer mouse-sized wooden swords soon, though.

Enjoy, and train hard! Narnia's powers-that-be may want to take note and echo the efforts in Archenland. Everyone loves a good tournament