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Useful Spoofed NPCS

PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2015 12:37 am
by Antheia
This thread is for those times when you really need a healer in Barfield or a seamstress in Madderholt, so you decide you'd better just pull up an NPC for convenience, or when you play the only knight in Cair Paravel and so you name a couple of others in your RPs just to fill out the background. I figure if we post them all here, then we don't end up with thirteen cobblers in Carmichael, or an Anvard guard who's reticent one day and a gossip the next. Object NPCs (NPCs created by staff -- these are usually vendors) need not be listed here, as they are easy for me to find and list at viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1174, unless you know that they have been spoofed with a specific personality not in their @desc!

Side-note 1: if you read one of these character descriptions and think you might like to turn the NPC into a PC (that is, you might like to play Jo the shopkeeper that Nevarre spoofed that one time in 2009) let us know. We probably won't always be able to facilitate it, but you never know: you may find a great character inspiration.
Side-note 2: This is not really for NPC family members unless your family members would be commonly seen in the community and you are okay with other people spoofing them freely and without your supervision.

Instructions: Post your NPCs below with a short summary of how you used them. I'll keep an updated list from your responses at viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1174.

As always, we strongly encourage that NPCs be primarily used as background or help to a plot made between 2 or more player characters, rather than to create a side conflict or story. For instance, if you are heading up an investigation and need to say that your knights went to Carmichael, but all the PC knights are tied up, that's a great time to use an NPC. Healers are also really useful NPCs, as they almost always deal with the result of a plot, rather than creating a plot themselves (though they certainly can do that too, as Crenna, Penelope, Kairyn, and others may attest!) That said, please feel free to use the knowledge relayed here to that end!

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2015 12:44 am
by Darrin
So far I think the only one I've used a couple of times is Sir Gavin, redheaded knight of common birth and general jokester. He seems the type to be involved whenever there are pranks to be had (which makes him a bosom friend of Sir Darrin, I'm sure).

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2015 6:46 am
by Sehsis
The one off the top of my head is Apahesh, Sehsis' former slave who is now free'd and working at the Coghill stables, I guess if anyone is there and needs to spoof a stable hand for whatever reason :P
He's about in his late forties and has a nervous, retiring demeanour and is generally far better at dealing with horses than he is at dealing with people. (And he's Calormene but I guess that goes without saying?)

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2015 7:09 pm
by Haft
Well, there's the three guards Megren and Haft and Garian have been spoofing. This is how I envision them:

Perth* Kind, quiet guardsman. Perth is discreet when asked. Megren decribed him as "the sweetest kind of Bear" when comparing humans to Narnian Talking Beasts.

Gearn* Friendly guardsman, owns a set of cubes, has been known to poke fun at others, though he doesn't mean harm. Has a tendency to misplace his belongings.

Owin* Tall, skinny with blond hair. Awkward and a little nervous, unlikely to stand up for himself if pranked.

And it looks like we've got a new one. Welcome to Reuel*, who has been mentioned in a log, but not actually appeared as yet.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2015 3:15 am
by Megren
Perth is also relatively close with Meg, and a good NPC to blame for knowing where she is or what she's up to. Gearn is often kind of a 'locker room' guy, though he's competent enough it's not terribly annoying. On top of being awkward, Owin is also usually the last to pick up new tricks or to realized a joke is being made, hence the pranking target from the bolder characters like Gearn. There's also:

Sef* A gardener in the castle, especially the parts used for growing things for use in the infirmary.He has been referenced as someone who knows agriculture well, and/or who has good connections with agricultural experts.

Amon* The stablemaster in the Anvard stables. He is, as expected, excellent at his job, and competent at instruction.

Bron* A frequenter of the Narrow Gate tavern, his brother died in the battle at Anvard. He is large, and has a strong distrust for Calormenes. Has been known to pick a fight, although it doesn't take too much inspection to realize he's just vulnerable and sad.

Male Librarian* Something of a snob, very concerned about proper care of his books.

Female Librarian* Much friendlier than the male librarian, more interested in the sharing of information.

Sir Quent* A commoner knight. I've only ever seen Sir Tyren spoof him, so you might not want to spoof him without permission, but it's nice to have his name for reference.

Danall* He runs the kennels, with Kirby and Lanisen working for him.

Phantom* One of the stable horses meant for general use. He was Meg's main ride before she got a permanent mount, and is an excellent learning horse, as he is as older courser (the cheaper variety of military horse) with a very sweet, calm disposition, making him both skilled enough for squires to start on and gentle enough for other kinds of riders. He's a large blue roan.

Wow, that's more characters than I'd realized when I set out to reply! I won't mention the other animals, as there are a lot and I haven't been the primary spoofer for any of them.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 06, 2015 8:46 am
by Tyren
Megren wrote:Sir Quent* A commoner knight. I've only ever seen Sir Tyren spoof him, so you might not want to spoof him without permission, but it's nice to have his name for reference.

I suppose that's my cue to say something, hm?

Sir Quent saw a decent amount of use back during the days of Myrd's Merry Band of Bandits - Lune sent Tyren out with proper backup to investigate, and Sir Quent acted basically as Tyren's second-in-command during that. They're on pretty good terms, and I imagine it's not unusual to see them sparring in the knight's practice room and shooting the breeze afterward. Haven't really fleshed out his personality much in-game, but I tend to portray him as quiet, dutiful, and fairly intelligent.

Also made reference to a Sir Chal during that particular plot (and once or twice since), who hasn't really been fleshed out much at all save that he has some training in field medicine - which came in handy after Tyren had his tussle with Zan.

I also note that Dar's greyhound Durant is conspicuously absent from the running list of NPCs Anth has going. Considering he and Elek can be nigh-inseparable, I can think of a wolfhound who might be a touch miffed to see Durant missing. ;)

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 06, 2015 8:33 pm
by Antheia
Thanks Tyren, I know I'm missing some horses on there too....

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 07, 2015 9:53 pm
by Petraverd that's a lot of Archenlandish NPC folk. Let's swing the balance back a bit with a few from the herd, shall we?

Rubin is easily the spoofed character I've used the most. He's taken on most of Petra's former responsibilities with the herd - in other words, he helps train the older colts. I also bring him in when there needs to be more of a herd presence when it comes to matters of Defending the Waste. He's somewhat stoic, but he's experienced, skilled, and respectful, and Petra trusts him a good deal - he'd have to, to be willing to pass his charges over to him. :wink: A good character to bring in when the herd gets involved in military matters.

Marmor is another character I've spoofed a decent number of times. When I first did, he was an older colt with a touch of cocky arrogance. He was one of the colts Petra trained, and he made a rather enjoyable foil in a couple RPs Glyn and I had. He's since grown into a proper young stallion, and he's mellowed out in that time - he's less proud, still a bit headstrong, but he's shown some skill and likes being able to help out. He's beginning to get his feet wet as far as the herd's role in Protecting the Waste goes, and can often be found on a patrol for the herd or in Rubin's company learning what he can - or Petra's, every now and again. He's also helped a bit in clearing out the Ruins, so he might be familiar to some from that.

Zaffir is Marmor's sire, and can in some respects be considered the herd's version of pre-fatherhood Nevarre. :wink: He's not overly fond of the Wolfish Way of Doing Things, and generally considers the herd's ways to be the best ways. Tends to stick close to the Cail. Not on particularly good terms with Petra, think's he's gotten a bit too Wolfish, and tends to be Very Concerned about the possible influences that could have on His Colt. I've only pulled him out once that I can recall, again for something of a foil in an RP Glyn and I had.

Aquamar is another of Petra's former charges, still considered a colt. Eager but uncertain and a little shy. Not really much to him beyond that, I've only used him once or twice.

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 09, 2015 10:50 pm
by Kairyn
Braeden. He works with the sheep in Anvard/Andale and is also Kairyn's father / Maire's uncle. He's been working in his position for around 10 years. We haven't established much more than that at this point :)

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 16, 2015 8:04 am
by Bjorn
Valery- A 20 year old tavern girl in Carmichael with long curly blonde hair and brown eyes. She 's cheerful and interested in Narnia and perhaps a little flirty. She sometimes needs to be reminded to do her job when she gets chatting to customers.