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Peridan vs Oren, or someone else! (The Future of Narnia)

PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 9:07 am
by Belgwyn
So not everyone can be at the same time and I for one have a very annoying time shift that only allows me to really rp in the Morning or really really late for US people.

So in the light that we just had a very convenient prophesy plopped into our laps for all of us to talk about!

So as a player this is obviously an interesting chance for massive change. New courts can be set up both Oren and Peridan have a distinct player/spoof/theoretical following that will really change what Sted Cair and Cair Paravel will feel like.

Maybe we can just discuss our player Ideas here to get an overview and then how we transform that into Rp with our charachters is the next big suprise!

Also maybe we should plan how as a narnian poulation we should convene too choose the ruler I know that staff wants us as charachters to make a decison and with the help of FB and twitter and whatever else i'm sure we can get a good meeting time/place/festival to decide!